This time is to wake up the samsung users. we get the official news of conformation of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G model from  the samsung company them self . As we know that 5G phone are the next level of big things in this era. Its confirm that new Galaxy Note 10 5G model is come with the big dynamic amoled display of 6.7 inch .

Its uses the 12 Gb RAM along with the super powerful exynos 9820 chips in almost many regions but in US it come with the snapdragon 855 chips. Its come with the 6 camera with the super powerful S-PEN .

Samsung uses most of the technology as like that of S10 ans S10 plus(super flagship of 2019) in new builded Note 10. Is gone a be a super day so wait for it, launching date will be announced soon.

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