Samsung Future Tech || That will blow your MIND!! Future innovative


Its all about the ultimate future of Samsung. This is the crazy company that they didn’t gets stop to make and working on the craziest gadgets. The expanding korean company(Samsung) gives their views on these possible future innovation . The three innovative future tech from Samsung are:-

1) Hologram Smartphone 3D
According to the Samsung they will receive this possible features with the help of special relay lenses that includes it micro lenses and helps in interface and provides the holographic images out of the display.
This technology works and display like magic which works on finger tips

Samsung Future Tech

2) Samsung Smart things Air
In the future this things have ability to purify the air with our smart devices . How cool is this??? This device notify you the level of pollution and removes all the pollution using its specs . This possible features will be pop on the screen of your smart phone like things and helps to removes all types of the pollution.

Samsung Future Tech

3) Smart Shirt
A smart shirt by Samsung. In future you can see smart garments from Samsung Galaxy . A possible galaxy shirt , these shirt comes with the various sensors that can diagnose extensive lung function and gives direct advice via your smart phones.
It can gives the all data regarding your health like age , height,weight, medical history from the relates apps and its gives advice to recover from the diseases like asthma and various lung function

Samsung Future Tech

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