Remote Board Meetings Tips and Instruments

The board portal promotes the effective realization of the main objectives of the company by allowing you to carry out a number of operations in the process.

What is a board portal?

The development of meeting management software and the widespread use of powerful, easy-to-use tablets have made paperless executive-level meetings a reality. Correct processing and documentation of board decisions play an important role. The sensitivity of the data is high, therefore careful procedures, but also an extremely cautious approach, is required. However, this is incompatible with the wishes of the management and administration staff, who want to hold remote board meetings more efficiently, more digitally, and independently of time and place. As a result, more and more decision-makers are using board portal software.

A boardroom is a software for digital, secure, and convenient management and supervisory board communication. It enables executive and supervisory boards to access the latest meeting documents from anywhere at any time, to read and comment on them, and to keep an eye on all information relevant to decision-making. At the same time, the management and supervisory board offices can prepare all meetings faster and more efficiently thanks to digital processes.

The virtual board meeting voting option in the best-known software?

When organizing an online meeting, it is not so much the topic that is important as the choice of the platform itself. Exceptions are confidential data and confidential information. But here there are more questions in data transmission technology. Platforms that protect your software from attacks and use communication encryption can be used to conduct important negotiations or exchange data that require confidentiality.

In this list you will find the best online tools for board meetings, group collaboration, and screen sharing:

  • iDeals
  • Boardeffect
  • Boardable
  • Diligent
  • Nasdaq
  • Boardpaq
  • Boardtrack
  • Wrike
  • CGS Boardworks
  • Boardavantage

Besides, most boardroom software providers include a system of virtual board meeting voting and polls, which expands the possibilities of interaction of the speaker with the audience.

How to choose the best board portal?

When choosing a boardroom software, you should pay attention to:

  • For full-fledged work, you need a screen demonstration, online chat, polls, the ability to record the event, a drawing board. This set is basic and can be useful for a full online meeting. Learn how to access it when choosing a platform.
  • There is free software, which usually has limited capabilities, and paid offers with extensive functionality. It is optimal when companies provide the opportunity to use their programs for free for familiarization and with a small number of users to understand how it fits the demands of events. But you need to understand that the wider the functionality, the more expensive the cost of use.
  • Simple registration. Not the last of the factors, because not all participants are ready to leave their data on third-party sites and look for a long time to enter the button. For them, a login link and a simple connection are enough.
  • Video and audio quality. It is important for participants to focus on the information itself. To do this, sound and image must work in a clear symbiosis. It is not allowed when the image or sound is “slowed down” slower than video transmission.
  • Access from mobile. More and more people are in an active rhythm of life and the ability to receive information via smartphone or tablet – a significant advantage for them.