Digital spotlight: A brand new categorization tool will soon appear in some data room software

Virtual data rooms are one of the most requested and discussed business solutions on the market. Demand for these programs is increasing day by day, many companies implement these systems in their operations because they help simplify and improve many business processes. Data room providers continue to evolve and deliver VDRs with new and improved features, and in this article, we’ll take a closer look at what’s new on the VDR feature list.

What is a virtual data room?

A virtual data room is an online space whose main functions, are to provide a secure place to store and share sensitive company data. Such capabilities are the right environment to conduct various business operations, audits, audits, and more. But why exactly has the data room been able to gain the trust and respect of the world’s business leaders? After all, there are plenty of cloud-based products on the Internet that offer the same conditions.

The business has always been, and still is, a complex environment, as it is dynamic and constantly changing. Because of this, it’s difficult for everyone, small businesses, newcomers, and even experienced overly conservative businesses. To keep pace with today’s business, its growth, speed and competition, and digitalization, you must be ready to react quickly and adapt to new conditions. 

Other alternatives to VDRs can’t give you the same flexibility, reliability, and ease of use. Data Rooms is useful in a wide variety of situations and instances of document exchange. With its use, preparing and conducting various transaction processes becomes much more efficient.

Unusual Features of Virtual Data Rooms

Regardless of the industry in which you engage a data room, it will always be useful to you, because many providers focus on your area of expertise. You can find the best VDR providers and contact them for further collaboration here at Below we’ve highlighted some of the unique features of a data room that will help you better manage your business:

  • Upload all file formats – VDRs support virtually all file types, so you can upload your data without first manually formatting it, thereby saving you time. This is especially useful for companies that work with visual material: presentations, graphics, and other media files
  • Automatic indexing – every newly uploaded file is automatically numbered for logical ordering, and after that, the VDR index is added, which also happens automatically, you do not need to waste your time, and this way you can find any file several times faster
  • Remote Shredding – if you share a document but then for some reason want to cancel your action, all cards in hand, you can do it at any moment and from any device. At the same hour, the sent file is blocked at the recipient, and he will not be able to access it, even if he downloaded it to a third-party device
  • Internal redaction – allows you to partially hide information from the document for some of the parties, if you think they should not have access to it
  • Detailed user permissions – depending on users’ responsibilities, you are free to restrict certain documents, or interactions with this document (copying, printing, downloading, forwarding, etc.) from them
  • Live discussion – if you have a lot of interested parties, you can create a safe forum for discussion of all important issues, manage the levels of access to questions and answers, and quickly resolve any problems that may arise