BIG MAGNITUDE of EARTHQUAKE hits Far western part of NEPAL || While the strongest...

Tuesday, 5.7 Richter scale magnitude of big Earthquake hits western part of Nepal. Source said that 'Bajang' is the central point for the earthquake. It is said that there...

Top 15 most visited website in Nepal || guess who ranked in first??

According to the web traffic of Nepal, The top 15 websites who got high traffic and listed as the top rank sites searched in Nepal .

live stream – Nayagadgets

Set remainder for Galaxy unpacked 2019 from SAMSUNG official ........ Super massive Galaxy Note 10 series launching event .... keeps your eyes un blinked

Android Q Beta is out now — What’s new? much EXCITED!!

Android, a mobile operating system developed by Google, has its Android Q beta out now. It has been powering up our smartphones and tablets since decades.

Samsung Future Tech || That will blow your MIND!! Future innovative

Its all about the ultimate future of Samsung. This is the crazy company that they didn't gets stop to make and working on the craziest gadgets. The expanding korean...
google is officially banned

New Technology Battle| USA vs CHINA

Huawei is the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the Asia, and it uses the Google's operating system (Android) to power on the smartphone and tablets.
best phone under 20,000 in nepal

Best Smartphone Under Rs.20,000 In Nepal 2019

Best Smartphone Under Rs.20,000 In Nepal 2019 Smartphone are the devices that are developing gradually with the latest technology and features.  Smartphone under the price of...
Best Gifts for Men

Best Gifts for Men

Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard (New Gadget) Best Gift for men 'Wireless Laser Projection Bluetooth Keyboard' is an innovative data input device which uses...

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G || CONFIRMED !!!

This time is to wake up the samsung users. we get the official news of conformation of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G model from  the samsung company them self . As...
Best Selfie Camera phone available in nepal

Best Selfie Camera phone under 30,000 In Nepal

Vivo v9  YouthVivo V9 Youth is the latest phone designed with the octa-core Qualcomm snapdragon processor 450. The device come with 4GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage which...


Realme 2 price in Nepal – 2019

Realme 2 was officially launched in 2018, August and released in 2018, September. The phone has been built adding lots of supreme...

Oneplus 6: flagship killer